About Me.

I’ve been connected to the digital world for a long time. Producing innovative ideas and carrying out innovative work enable me to express my feelings better. Gaining positive experiences is something worthwhile in the world. I believe that ideas are strong and people are mobilized. It makes me happy that my work touches the lives of many different people. For this reason, I give priority to creativity and different experiences in my work. I expertise is creating web and mobile products by using the essential design tools. Building and producing brand new projects is what I strive for.

Web Development specialist working in advertising and marketing. In the digital world, experienced in Business Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Brand Consultancy. I develop innovative and creative projects professionally.

Utku Kük
Date of Birth:
19 July 1994
Antalya, Turkey

Software Development

I implement your projects by providing the best technology solutions in line with your needs.

Mobile Apps

I offer user experiences and next-generation mobile application solutions for your projects.

SEO & Marketing

I offer you the best and creative solutions for your success in the digital world.

I’m as proud of many of the things we haven’t done as the things we have done. Innovation is saying no to a thousand things.

Steve Jobs

Good ideas are always crazy, until they're not.

Elon Musk

The world is not interested in what you are talking about, but what you do.

Jack Ma

Habit chains are felt too light, but when you try to break it, you know how heavy it is.

Warren Buffett

Creativity is to connect the two things you know in a way that you don't know.

Leo Burnett

I am available for collaborations with brands and agencies worldwide.

b!sal podcast.


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